"You like to gamble? Why don't we go to Atlantic City? My town. I'll show you how to gamble.
Yeah, but I like to win. How will I know what numbers to pick?
Do I look like a guy who's gonna lose?
Vincent Mancini and Grace Hamilton[src]

Grace Hamilton was a journalist and photographer.


A journalist in New York City, Grace Hamilton attended Michael Corleone's papal honours party, where she hoped to get an interview with Michael. Grace attempted to talk Vincent Mancini into assisting her, but he refused, instead inviting her to come with him to Atlantic City for some gambling.

The night after, Grace slept with Mancini and shortly after, was held hostage by a masked man working for Joey Zasa. Mancini killed the man and his associate. Vincent returns to the bedroom where Grace sits on the bed sobbing, and convinces her he killed both men in self defense. He tells her to call the police. She gets up to take pictures of the bodies, but Vincent holds her back and closes the door. She is not seen for the rest of the movie.

Behind the scenes

  • She was originally named Grace Damiani in the screenplay of The Godfather Part III. In this version, Grace has an affair with Michael after surviving the assassination attempt at Vincent's apartment. It is also insinuated in the script that she was romantically involved with Johnny Fontane at one point in time.
  • In the original draft, a character appeared named Elizabeth Ann Dunne, a news reporter who is the love interest of Anthony Corleone. After the two make love, she is also held hostage by two assassins in his apartment, much as Grace is with Vincent in the finished film.


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