Giovanni Corbinelli was a soldato in the Mangano crime family.


Giovanni Corbinelli(left) and Giorgio Strozzi(right) executing Trapani enforcer

A native of Sicily, Corbinelli moved to America with Samuele Mangano, where he fell in love with the sport of baseball, which encouraged him to use a baseball bat as his preferred weapon.

During the mob war of 1959, Corbinelli took a physical role in the conflict, being led directly by underboss Giorgio Strozzi. He took part in the massive Mangano offensive that took out several Corleone associates and protection rackets. He was killed by Dominic with a sniper rifle while at his favourite hangout, the St. Rose Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Joe Paulino.
  • In the video game, you can murder Corbinelli behind the hospital before you take over Global Storage, even though the Manganos and Corleones were allied at the time. Even if you murder Corbinelli at the hospital (since the Manganos will not attack your businesses yet), he will appear in the cutscene that occurs during the meeting between Dominic and Paulo Riccitello.
  • Corbinelli is unique in that he can always be found at the hospital, and will always attempt to kill Dominic with a sniper rifle. Though it is never explicitly stated, it is possible that he was tasked with assassinating Dominic.
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