"Lot of bloody knives here, get the picture?"
"Beat it kid, I'm takin' over the joint!
Aldo Trapani and Armanno[src]

Giovanni Armanno was a caporegime in the Barzini family.


Emilio Barzini's right hand man in Sicily, Armanno returned to New York in order to help his family, who were under attack from the Corleone family. In order to defeat them, Armanno kidnapped an FBI Agent in order to blackmail him into building a case against the Corleones, instead of the Barzinis.

Armanno went into hiding with the agent in tow, and several Corleones were dispatched to find him, under the direction of Rocco Lampone. He was discovered in the basement of St. George's Church in New Jersey and shot in the head by Aldo Trapani, leaving the agent unharmed.

Players (Rocco Lampone Hit 5):

Giovanni Armanno - Giovanni is a key player in the Barzini Family's business. He's well-armed and has surrounded himself with about eight green-coated bodyguards.

Behind the scenes

Armanno only appears in the extended version of the game.

He shares a character model with some of Hell's Kitchen and Midtown citizens.

He shares the same quotes as Mikey Saleri.

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