Giorgio Strozzi was one of the two underbosses of the Mangano crime family.


Giorgio Strozzi was known for his negotiating skills, which endeared him to the level-headed and second-in-command of Samuele Mangano. These skills were often used against the police, who he managed to sweet-talk out of bad raps.

Mob War

Giorgio Strozzi (right) and Giovanni Corbinelli (left) execute a Trapani's enforcer.

In 1959, during the mob war with Dominic, Aldo Trapani's successor as Don of New York, Strozzi was dispatched to Cuba to make friends with the local police. Strozzi was the one who led the attacks on the Corleone businesses during the meeting between Dominic and the Mangano consigliere, Paulo Riccitello. During these attacks, he personally killed several Corleone enforcers and conquered most of the businesses that Dominic Corleone had recently seized from Tony Rosato and Rico Granados.

After the attacks subsided, and a mob war began, Dominic began hunting down the Mangano crime family. The Corleones began operations in Cuba after the war began, and found Strozzi trying to buy police protection. Dominic brutally beat Strozzi to death with a melee weapon.

Behind the scenes

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