Gavin Hammon (born September 17, 1973) is a San Francisco based voice actor who portrayed (among others) Frank Pentangeli in the second game as well as several extras in the first.


Training to be a voice actor from a young age, Hammon performed in various choirs, groups and plays before studying at VoiceTrax in Sausalito. He appears primarily in video games, where his extensive vocal talents have included filling in for Gary Oldman in the Batman Begins video game, playing a Ringwraith in The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Kenny in The Walking Dead: Video Game and King Arthur in Sonic and the Black Knight.

Characters voiced by Gavin Hammon

The Godfather: The Game

The Godfather II (video game)

Behind the scenes

According to Doug Abrahams (via a Facebook message to one of our wiki users), Hammon was originally intended to play ClemenzaCapt. McCluskey and Jack Woltz in the Godfather game, but for unknown reasons, he was replaced by Abrahams.

"I was originally only supposed to do 'the don' but then the voice talent they hired for Woltz, McCluskey and Fat Pete for whatever reason didn't work out and I got asked if I'd like to give them a shot since I was in the studio anyway. Would have liked to have had more time to get them closer but was happy to do them regardless. It was a fun project for a year and a half."
―Doug Abrahams

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