Gastone Moschin
Biographical Information
Born June 8, 1929
San Giovanni Lupatoto, Veneto, Italy
Died September 4, 2017
Terni, Italy
First The Godfather Part II
Portrayed Don Fanucci

Gastone Moschin (June 8, 1929 – September 4, 2017) was an Italian actor. He studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, before beginning his career in the 1950s on stage, first with the Stable Theater in Genoa and then with the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.

His most famous film roles include The Conformist by Bernardo Bertolucci, Signore & signori by Pietro Germi and The Godfather Part II. Francis Ford Coppola had intended to cast him in a new role in The Godfather Part III, but he was unavailable.

Moschin was best-known as teacher and co-founder of the MUMOS Acting School in Terni, Italy.

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