"Don Tattaglia will see your head on a spit!"
―Freddie Nobile[src]

Freddie Nobile was the Tattaglia family's consigliere.


Freddie Nobile started off as a hoodlum in Brooklyn, where he caught the eye of the young Philip Tattaglia, who enlisted him as consigliere for the Tattaglia family. Nobile was known to be more active than others who held his position, and was known to carry a Street Sweeper shotgun with him at all times.


"Freddie Nobile is the Tattaglia consigliere and probably their smartest guy but he has a weak spot for a certain dame at the Saint Martin Hotel."
Salvatore Tessio[src]

Nobile went into hiding after the death of the Tattaglia family's caporegimes, Tony Bianchi and Donnie Marinelli, yet was found through the aid of a rat in the family, ambitious racket boss Rocky Della Barca.

He was known to frequently visit a girl named Maria, who worked as a maid in the Saint Martin Hotel in Little Italy. It was here where he was killed by Aldo Trapani, a Corleone capo.

He was succeeded as consigliere by an unknown individual.

Players (Sal Tessio Hit 4):

Freddie Nobile - The escalation in hits against the Tattaglia family is now getting very serious. With your sights set on the consigliere, you can effectively remove the Tattaglia's most trusted advisor.

Note: if Tessio is killed due to his betrayal before this hit mission, Willie Cicci will give player the hit instead.

Hit detail

Nobile's hit maybe the first hit to prove as a challenge, as his powerful AI and bonus condition can be a pain to handle. In the original game he brings a Magnum, while in the next generation he brings a Street Sweeper, his weapon of choice added with his power can cause a devastating damage. Fight him carefully and try to disable him first before trying to electrocute him, shooting his knee is a good choice.

Behind the scenes

Notes and references

  1. The Tessio Hits Appear In "The Godfather: The Game" following Mission #6, which takes place in 1945. The Tessio Hits end when Tessio is killed in Mission #18 which takes place in 1955. Considering the player can kill Nobile in between those missions, it's safe to assume he died some time in between 1945 and 1955.
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