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Frank "Frankie Lips" Lampone was one of Billy De Angelo's associates.


Frankie Lips was known to be a thug, he often walked around the streets, sometime after Cross De Lena left the Clericuzio family business, he met Clericuzio Caporegime, Billy De Angelo, and they became rather close friends, he told Frankie about his jealousy, an that he wanted to take over the family business, Frankie said that would try to help him. Soon after the death of Don Domenico Clericuzio, they started orchestrating their plans, killing Petie Clericuzio, Cross's wife, Athena Aquitane, and Clericuzio hitman Lia Vazzi's entire family.

The Clericuzio suspected Frank to be linked to these murders and for the Borgetto family to be responsible, so he was interrogated by Vazzi, who threatened to set him on fire, while he was tied to a forklift. However, Cross let him go when Lampone claimed that the only member of the Borgettos he knew was Paulie, who he described as "a saint."


Not long after, he had secretly got into a truck, and after accidentally killed the driver, he ended up crashing. He was taken away to the police station, and he was visited by the FBI, claiming he had information about the Clericuzio, telling them about the murder of Dante Clericuzio, and the burning of the villa he died in, and he said that he would kill Cross de Lena.

However, unknown to him, the Clericuzio had a made a plan, Lia Vazzi arrived in the prison as a part of the plan, under a second identity, he started taunting Frankie every time he'd see him, making the guards give into Frankie's request for a private cell, however, Lia Vazzi got in regardless, and he told him if he didn't tell who was responsible for the murders of his family, that he would kill him, Frankie finally revealed that it was De Angelo's plan, however, Vazzi killed him regardless, the guards found him hanged in the cell, suspecting it was a suicide, and Vazzi was bailed out.

Personality and traits

Not much is known about him, besides his stubborn attitude, and cowardness, though he had a great hatred for Cross De Lena.


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