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"When I was young, they said I looked like a Greek God. Now I just look like a goddamn Greek"
―Frank Greco[src]

Frank "The Greek" Greco was the Don of the Greco family from Philadelphia.


Don Vincent Forlenza's successor on the Commission, Frank Greco was from Philadelphia, and, unlike his predecessor, was a strong ally of the Corleone family. He appeared at the sit-down in 1963, where he supported the rise of Vinnie Golamari and Publio Santini as his made men.[1]

Greco, as a newer member of the Commission, was seen as easily manipulable by Corleone traitor Nick Geraci, and was one of the two men approached by Geraci in order to force Michael Corleone into retirement, the other being Anthony Stracci. However, both Greco and Stracci double-crossed Geraci and at a meeting with the traitor, Greco disappeared, allowing Geraci to be set up and killed by Michael Corleone and his enforcers, Al Neri and Eddie Paradise.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Greco could be based on Angelo Bruno, who was the boss of the Philadelphia crime family in the 1960s and 70s.
  • In The Last Don II, the Borgetto crime family runs Philadelphia. As there are references to both the Clericuzios and the Corleones in the same work, it is possible that Borgetto suceeded Greco as the boss in Philadelphia.

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