Franc D'Ambrosio is an Italian-American actor and singer.


Known primarily is a singer, Franc D'Ambrosio attended music school in Lucca Italy, where his talent was so great that he was asked to personally study with Luciano Pavarotti. He gained the role of Anthony Corleone after being spotted in a performance of Sweeney Todd.

Shortly after The Godfather Part III was released, D'Ambrosio began his long run as the Phantom of the Opera, who he appeared as in over 2400 performances. He was awarded the title "World's Longest Running Phantom" in 1998. He retained the title for over a decade.

D'Ambrosio began touring successfully in his own one man shows in 2004. His solo show was Franc D'Ambrosio's Broadway. This was followed by Franc D'Ambrosio's Hollywood in 2007 and I'll Be Seein YOU'Z..., A Bronx Boys Musical Perspective of WWII in 2010.

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