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The Forlenza syndicate (also known as Lakeville Road Group) from Cleveland was a largely Italian and Jewish criminal organization led by Vincent Forlenza. They had close ties to the Barzini family in New York and the Roth syndicate in Miami.

The organization was the most powerful of the strictly gambling operations in the United States. They were heavily involved in Las Vegas and co-owned the Tropigala Hotel, until it was taken over by the Corleone family. In the late 1950s, they invested in hotels and casinos in Havana and were given ownership of the National, shortly before it was seized by the revolutionaries of Fidel Castro.

In the early 1960s, they began plotting with the Chicago Outfit and Nick Geraci. Forlenza's consigliere, Salvatore Narducci, was later killed for his betrayal of secretly supporting Michael Corleone. This led to their downfall, as Don Forlenza, after having suffered a heart attack and, whilst being driven to the hospital, was plunged into a lake. Their position on the commission was assumed by the Greco family from Philadelphia.[1]

Forlenza family structure(1920's-1961)

 Don Vincent Forlenza 

 Underboss Unknown

 Consigliere Salvatore Narducci

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Anthony Firenza

 Soldato Anthony Bocatelli

 Associate Fausto Geraci

 Associate Nick Geraci

 Associate Hyman Roth

 Associate Emilio Barzini




The Lakeville Road Group is based on the real life Mayfield Road Mob from Cleveland, which original name was the "Lakeview Road Gang".

Notes and references

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