"He can keep his gifts. I don't need a watch from these scungili, even if it is worth five grand."
―Fonsa Santadio[src]

Fonsa Santadio was one of the six sons of Don Santadio.


Involved in the family business from a young age, he was treated more as a soldier than a son, and during the war with the Clericuzios he was often sent on missions with his brother Italo.

The end of the war

Fonsa and Italo spy on Silvio Clericuzio.

"It's a beautiful watch Pippi. I'll always wear it with pride."
―Fonsa Santadio[src]

On one of these missions, the two brothers would spot their brother Jimmy Santadio going to meet Silvio Clericuzio. Not knowing that Silvio was attempting to broker peace between the families and suspecting the Clericuzio was attempting to ambush their brother, Fonsa and Italo chased Silvio down and shot him.

Several months later, Fonsa was head of security at Jimmy's wedding to Rose Marie Clericuzio and received an expensive watch from Joseph De Lena, despite privately expressing disdain for any Clericuzio gifts. Seconds after receiving this present, he was shot by the Clericuzio brothers, who proceeded to massacre the entire Santadio clan.

Behind the scenes

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