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Biographical Information
Gender Female

Filomena was an old friend of Vito Corleone who worked for Don Tommasino.


A midwife in Little Italy, Filomena's husband was a friend of Vito Corleone. Her life was changed irreperably when Luca Brasi came to her one night to have her deliver his child, which he had fathered with Irish girl Kelly O'Rourke, before forcing her to throw it into the furnace. Traumatised, Filomena was sent overseas by Vito work for his friend Don Tommasino in Sicily.

When Michael Corleone was hiding out in Sicily, he had Filomena tell him the story, which both his father and Tom Hagen had withheld from him. Filomena expressed her desire to see Brasi burn in Hell for his atrocities.

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