Felice 'Felix' Bocchicchio was a underboss of the Bocchicchio blood-line, who took the rap for Michael Corleone in 1948.


A very intelligent member of the peace-keeping Bocchicchio clan, Felix refused to join his family's garbage hauling and criminal business, instead, he trained to become a lawyer, as well as marrying a young American wife and fathering three children. Such actions made him the black sheep of his family.

However, Felix struggled to find work and eventually agreed to help a friend of his in a fraud that was discovered, and Felix was jailed. His friend and the other associates in the scheme got off scott free and refused to help him. He was given a five year sentence, but was let off with three.


However, after being freed, Felix killed the three men who refused to assist him, and calmly allowed himself to be arrested, the act putting him back in his family's good graces. Unfortunately, he was threatened with the electric chair. His position was hopeless, yet as part of a deal with the Corleones, he confessed to also murdering Mark McCluskey and Virgil Sollozzo, which helped Michael Corleone return to America. Felix was going to be executed either way, and Vito Corleone promised to pay a hefty sum not only to the Bocchicchio clan, but to Felix's soon-to-be widow and children if he agreed to the confession. The Godfather waited for almost four months until Felix was executed sometime in 1948 and after Felix's confession, Michael Corleone returned again to Long Beach from the exile in Sicily.

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