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Queicon.png There are three conflicting canon sources for this article, from The Godfather (novel), The Godfather and The Godfather Part II.

"Hey, hey, hey, take me to America, G.I.! Clark Gable! Eh!"

Fabrizio was a Sicilian shepherd who worked for Don Tommasino, acting as a bodyguard.


Once a sailor in the Italian Navy, Fabrizio had received an elaborate tattoo on his chest of a man avenging his cuckoldry, shortly before his ship was captured by the British. When Michael Corleone escaped to Sicily in 1946, Fabrizio and his friend Calò, were assigned to protect him.

Shortly after, Michael married a Sicilian girl, Apollonia Vitelli, much to Fabrizio's jealousy. He was bought out by the Barzini family from New York, and placed a bomb in Michael's car, which failed to kill him, taking Apollonia instead. An anguished Fabrizio fled into New York, sponsored by the Barzinis.


Fred Vincent.

In 1958, he was heard from again and informed on to Michael by the Barzini family, who held a truce with the Corleones following the Five Families War. Fabrizio now owned a pizzeria in Buffalo under the name 'Fred Vincent'. Michael sent men to track him down, and Fabrizio was killed by a car bomb set by Al Neri, thus avenging Apollonia.

Personality and traits

Of the two bodyguards, Fabrizio was the more chatty, and was good friends with Calò and Michael, whom he would often ask to take to America with him. He was also a believer in the old Sicilian traditions of love and honor, as witnessed by the tattoo on his chest. Unfortunately his vices of greed and lust led him to be bought by the Barzinis.

Behind the scenes

Michael kills Fabrizio with a Lupara shotgun.

Fabrizio's role in the novel is much the same, but when Michael has all the Dons of the Five Families killed in 1955 he sends a man to Fabrizio's pizzeria who executes him. This ending was shot for the film, but was cut from the final release. Instead, it was re-introduced in the made-for-television The Godfather Saga, taking place during the time frame of the second movie.

In an alternate deleted scene from the film, Michael personally shoots Fabrizio. This scene has never been released, although publicity photos were distributed of Michael firing a Lupara Double-barrel shotgun.

Fabrizio was portrayed by Angelo Infanti. In the novel his name is spelled Fabrizzio.

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