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Enzo Cuneo
Biographical Information
Aliases Honest Enzo
Gender Male
Affiliation Cuneo family
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Paulino (voice)
"I'll take it, but don't go sampling the merchandise, capiche?"
―Enzo Cuneo[src]

'Honest' Enzo Cuneo was a racket boss and soldato in the Cuneo family.


Carmine Cuneo's nephew, Enzo had been with the Cuneo's from a young age, 'making his bones' in his late teens.

Due to his business savvy and utter ruthlessness, Enzo was put in charge of the Cuneo Hub in Hell's Kitchen, which he filled with an army of trusted enforcers, who patrolled the warehouse night and day, guarding incoming shipments of cigars and weaponry.

However, in 1953, Enzo's warehouse was infiltrated by the Corleone family, who forced his change of loyalty.

Behind the scenesEdit

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