"I don't want no trouble. Take the money, give Luca Brasi my regards."
―Emilio Brunetti[src]

Emilio Brunetti was the owner of a small butcher's shop in Little Italy.


"Old Emilio. He don't show to give a damn 'baut respect, he's given his kickbacks to the Tattaglias. He needs to be taught a lesson."
Luca Brasi[src]

Emilio owned a butcher's shop in Little Italy, New York City and was originally under the thumb of the Corleone family, paying them protection money.

The Tattaglia family's card sharp, Frankie Fernetti who convinced him to put his kickbacks elsewhere, as well as to allow the Tattaglias to start a gambling ring there.

In 1945, he was visited by Aldo Trapani, under order from Luca Brasi, and was forced to start paying his protection money to the Corleones again. He also directed Aldo to Frankie's gambling racket upstairs.

For his betrayal, the Tattaglias sent their soldier Mikey Saleri to deal with Brunetti, but Saleri was killed by Trapani, who had been dispatched by Salvatore Tessio and carried out the hit with his bare hands.

Behind the scenes

In the original version of the game, Brunetti was voiced by Bill Meilen. Due to the need of new dialogue during the extortion sequences in later editions, the late Meilen's dialogue is replaced in subsequent versions. Meilen's replacement was Gavin Hammon.


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