The Embassy Club
Business information
Location Fleet Alley & Front Street
Proprietor Carmella Rotunda
Racket Boss Salvatore Tessio
Family Corleone

The Embassy Club in Brooklyn was Salvatore Tessio's base of operations. He gained control of it following the fall of Salvatore Maranzano in the 1930s, and later hired Carmella Rotunda to pose as the legitimate owner in case of police suspicion.

The club later became the nerve center from which Tessio masterminded the fall of the Tattaglia family, and it was here that he relayed hit contracts to Aldo Trapani. Tessio also arranged for the hit on Michael Corleone to take place here, but his plan was discovered and Aldo Trapani and Willie Cicci were sent there, but were attacked by Barzini assassins.

Tessio fled, but when cornered, he met his death with dignity, claiming to the end that it was 'just business', as he was quickly executed by Trapani. After this the Club briefly became property of Rocco Lampone, before being handed over to Aldo Trapani.