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"Just try to keep this place running, and remember to bribe the cops."
―Eduardo Barzini[src]

'Deadly' Eduardo Barzini was the Barzini family's head racket boss. He was the eldest child of Ettore Barzini.


"Deadly Ed's other name is simply 'The End'. Capiche?"
Marty Malone[src]

Also known as 'Deadly Ed', or simply, 'The End', Eduardo Barzini was Emilio Barzini's nephew, who was known to be a vicious and brutally effective enforcer. His sister Viani was a restaraunteer whose club, the Va Va Voom Room, was a front for the family.

Because of this violent streak, Don Barzini sent him to manage the Barzini Hub in Midtown, keeping him off the streets. Eduardo was known to have had several run-ins with Corleone family enforcer Marty Malone, which ended violently for both parties.

In 1954, he had become isolated, the racket chains taken down by the Corleones, so Eduardo took to carrying a pistol with him to work. Despite this, he was muscled into paying out for the Corleones.

Behind the scenes

Eduardo barzini

The mustachioed upgrade.

  • He was voiced by Ralph Peduto.
  • In later versions of the game he has darker hair and a moustache.
  • He has/wears the same outfit as Vinnie Vespucci.  
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