"Word is, you're getting too friendly with my men, Marinelli."
"What? Who the hell are you?
Aldo Trapani and Donnie Marinelli[src]

Donnie Marinelli was one of the Tattaglia family's caporegimes, the other being Tony Bianchi.


Regarded by the police and many of the other Families as a small time thug, Marinelli was, however, known as a man with his ear to the street, with many friends amongst the hoodlums of Brooklyn.

Aldo Trapani attacks Donnie Marinelli during the assassination attempt on Vito Corleone.

In December 1945, Marinelli and Mikey Saleri were involved in the attempted assassination of Vito Corleone, but failed to kill the Don, managing only to hospitalise him. Marinelli was engaged in a scuffle with Aldo Trapani, but Trapani became distracted when fellow capo Camel Hair took Frankie Malone as a hostage, giving Marinelli time to escape.

Blackmailing the Corleones

In 1946, Marinelli had obtained evidence that the Corleone family had been bribing a police officer and used this information to blackmail the Corleones into submission, in revenge for the death of Saleri, who had been murdered the previous year.

He disliked being regarded as a small fish, and schemed to use his evidence to begin a blackmailing racket out of The Ambassador, where he fancied the singer there.

Marinelli was a frequenter of the The Ambassador in Brooklyn, which is where he was beaten to death with a baseball bat by Aldo Trapani. His death was followed by the deaths of his fellow caporegimes Luigi Fusco and Tony Bianchi, in a scheme masterminded by Salvatore Tessio that aimed to destroy the Tattaglia's power structure.

Hit detail

He is the second hit target of the Tattaglia Family, he is easy but quite stubborn. Unlike Mikey Saleri, Marinelli has underlings to guard him which makes things a bit more complicated. As a hit target, Marinelli has the strength that is not typical for a Tattaglia Capo, even a bit tougher than the family Underboss. His Soldiers and Associates are also stronger than the generics, which make players need a bit more time than defeating a typical Tattaglia.

Players (Sal Tessio Hit 1):

Donnie Marinelli - Marinelli is small time, and this is reflected in his cheap clothing and simple blackmailing schemes. He also has evidence against the Corleones, which must not be imparted.

Behind the scenes

Saleri and Marinelli attack.

Marinelli appears in The Godfather as one of Tattaglia's unnamed hitmen, but is only given a name in The Godfather: The Game. He is voiced by Gavin Hammon in the game.


Notes and references

  1. The Tessio Hits Appear In "The Godfather: The Game" following Mission #6, which takes place in 1945. The Tessio Hits end when Tessio is killed in Mission #18 which takes place in 1955. Considering the player can kill Marinelli in between those missions, it's safe to assume he died some time in between 1945 and 1955.
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