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"Play with matches and you might get burned, right pal?"
―Donato Stracci[src]

Donato Stracci was a key member of the Stracci family imports chain.


Donato Stracci owned Sicilian Goods in Brooklyn. He was known to be third of the four Stracci brothers, along with Diego, Dino and Santino. He was cousins with Dario and Salvatorre.


Donato Stracci sees his business go up in smoke.

In 1947, he turned to Aldo Trapani for assistance after numerous attacks on his property from the Brooklyn Arsonist. Trapani killed the man, prompting Stracci to hand over his business. Later Trapani assisted him again by rescuing a key from the burning building that opened a secret vault in Little Italy's Savings and Loan bank. Trapani took the key, picking up a $50,000 reward and a Scalise & Strong key.

Players (Favor 12: Retrieve the Valuables From the Top Floor):

Donato Stracci - Donato Stracci partnered with a boss running an explosives racket, and he's realizing this wasn't the smartest move on his part, as he watches his building burn.

Behind the scenes


  • Donato appears to not be so bright, as he quickly exposes that he is hiding money at a bank at Savings and Loan without second thought when Trapani returns the key to him, and as Trapani's greedy side gets the better of him, he keeps the key.
  • When Trapani asks if there is someone inside his burned shop, Donato claims their is no one inside, but when the player enters the shop, he can clearly see there is a worker inside trying to escape but gets burned, this might mean that Donato either didn't know anyone is inside, or doesn't really care about his workers.
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