"The Pope - the Holy Father himself - has this very day blessed Michael Corleone; and you think you know better than the Pope?"
―Dominic Abbandando[src]

Dominic Abbandando was the Corleone family's press secretary.


Dominic Harrison

Dominic Abbandando in Sicily with B.J. Harrison.

Grandson of Genco Abbandando, the Corleone family's original consigliere, Dominic became Michael's press secretary when the Corleone family became legitimate. He constantly faced questions from the press about the less legitimate side of the family. He was seen most of the time alongside legal advisor B.J. Harrison.

He went with Michael to Rome in order to secure the Immobiliare deal, and reported the grave condition of the Pope. As Vincent Mancini, Michael's successor kept the Corleone's business criminal, it is possible that Abbandando was moved to a different position in the business.

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