Domenick Panza was the Don of Boston's Panza crime family.


A violent hood in his youth, Panza was one of the few Dons not respected by his fellows due to the high crime rate in Boston, and Panza's personal penchant for cheating his people. He attended the Commission meeting in 1948. At some point, the violence in the city had caused him injury, and he was resigned to a wheelchair. He appeared at Vito Corleone's wake in 1955, suggesting a respect between the two men.

At the Commission meeting in the 1960s, Panza did not attend, suggesting either he had lost his seat or had died sometime prior.

Personality and traits

Domenick Panza was known as a man who did not do right by his people, who cheated them unmercifully. He was described as short, squat and looking like a thief.


  • Panza means "belly" in Spanish as well as in Italian.
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