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Dita Tommey was an American film director, notably the director of the award-winning Messalina.


Becoming a successful director despite her feminist tendencies, Dita worked hard to reach the top in a man's world, particularly as she was a lesbian and refused to sleep her way to the top, though she had slept with producer Eli Marrion. Her friendship with Claudia De Lena helped in no small part to her becoming a success, as she helped her the job of directing her greatest feature.


Dita's great challenge would be Messalina, an epic picture by Loddstone Studios that would star Athena Aquitane as the female lead. The film fell into troubles however, when Aquitane refused to turn up for shooting, afraid that her ex-husband Boz Skannet would attack her. Eventually, Claudia's brother Cross eliminated Skannet and the film was a huge success.

Personality and traits

Dita Tommey was a tough, no-nonsense woman who was not afraid to speak her mind, even in situation where this might have caused her trouble. She often clashed with Bobby Bantz, the head of Loddstone Studios, due to his rampant sexual harassment, but got on well with his partner Skippy Deere. Dita was also known to combine business with pleasure, sleeping with willing young actresses such as Falene Fante.

Behind the scenes

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