"You think you can pull that on me?"
―Dino DeMantagna[src]

Dino DeMantagna was a barber from Little Italy.


DeMantegna getting shot.

Coming from Naples in Italy, DeMantagna set up his barber shop in the early 1930s, soon after the war between Vito Corleone and Salvatore Maranzano had ended. He used to recount stories of his old hometown, though all his customers were Sicilians.

DeMantagna was allied with the Corleones and remained so for some time, when the Tattaglia family, began chipping away at these territories. This however didn't prevent his shop being visited by members of other crime families.

Dino became disenchanted with Tattaglias and wished that the Corleones will take over instead. This came true as the shop was forced to pay protection money to the Corleones instead by Aldo Trapani, who he gave a free haircut to.

When Vito Corleone was gunned down outside this establishment, Dino was struck by one of the stray bullets and ended up in hospital with a chest wound, but subsequently made a full recovery.

Behind the scenes


  • If pushed too far, Dino will pull out a lead pipe and attack the player.
  • Despite the strategy guide of the game saying that he wishes he was back working for the Corleones, he is actually very resistant in the game.
  • The strategy guide artwork depicts his name as "The Barber".
    • He is also the only merchant to have artwork.
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