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"Never marry a wop, they treat their wives like shit!"
―Deanna Corleone[src]

Deanna Dunn-Corleone was the wife of Fredo Corleone.


A famous Hollywood actress, Deanna Dunn was a close friend of Johnny Fontane, with whom she had a brief fling in the early forties. She was known to be somewhat promiscuous, servicing Fontane's friend Nino Valenti in the dark during a screening. Despite this she had a large degree of talent in her prime, being the highest grossing actress of her day, and had managed to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.


Deanna and Fredo.

In 1955, she met Fredo Corleone, whom she later married, although they had no children. She was known to mock him about his fear of his younger brother Michael and often got out of hand at parties. She became intoxicated and made a public scene at Lake Tahoe, which resulted in her having to be dragged away by Rocco Lampone. Fredo's inability to control his wife during this incident was an enormous embarrassment for him. She later had sex with her costar Matt Marshall in front of Fredo, causing him to destroy their cars, accidentally murder a poodle and break Marshall's cheekbones. Soon afterwards, the two were divorced, although she still purchased an expensive headstone after Fredo's death by 'drowning'.

Her career went downhill as she began to drink heavily and take drugs, despite playing Queen Isabella opposite Sir Oliver Smith-Christmas' Ferdinand in a production about Columbus, starring Johnny Fontane as the title character. It was during this production that President James Shea was assassinated.

Personality and traits

Deanna was a mouthy, trashy individual whose success in Hollywood was largely based on her physical attractiveness rather than any real talent, though she had been capable of turning in Oscar winning performances.

Her behaviour caused her to be distant from the Corleone family who she married into as they disapproved of her, although she did have some affection for Fredo (despite their separation) and bought a large headstone for him when he died. She also had an unusual relationship with Kay, who was embarrassed by her behavior but at the same time sympathized with her outsider status.