Danny Fuberta was a former loan shark connected to the Xanadu Hotel.


Originally a loan shark working for the Santadio family, Danny changed allegiances to the Clericuzios after the Santadios were destroyed. He was involved in transporting gamblers to the Xanadu, selecting those who looked like they would contribute the most money. Fuberta was also closely associated with many hustlers and drug dealers, ties which he used for the benefit of the family.


Fuberta's final shootout with Pippi De Lena.

However, feeling cut out, Fuerta decided to steal $800,000 from the Xanadu Hotel. He contacted some bank robbers, gave them new IDs, grantem them a two-hundred grand credit limit, and put them on the junket.

Furious, Alfred Gronevelt turned Fuberta over to Pippi. He presented the case to the rest of the family, who decided he had to repay them and to also give them a bonus. Of course Fuberta again tried to scam them, and then Pippi shot him five times. He got arrested for murder, and this led to Pippi's divorce from his wife Nalene.

Behind the scenes

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