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"You think you can muscle in on my racket? Fuck you!"
―Cuneo Racket Boss[src]

This man was a racket boss for the Cuneo family.


The boss makes his escape.

The Racket Boss was a trusted associate of the Cuneo family, formerly the boss of the Maranzano family hub. Don Carmine Cuneo demoted him when the Cuneo family was formed out of nepotism and appointed his nephew Enzo Cuneo to run the hub. He was given the job of running the cigar racket out of the West Port Warehouse, which was also run by Artie Manzanero. He was assisted in this endeavour by a Cuneo Capo from the Caruso! club.

Between 1950-1951, the Caruso! Club was attacked by Sonny Corleone and Aldo Trapani who managed to learn the next link in the chain from the capo, but the racket boss escaped to Holden Holdings in the railyards of Hell's Kitchen.

He was followed here by Sonny and Aldo, and he revealed Artie Manzanero's role in the racket before throwing himself on the mercy of Aldo.

Personality and traits

The racket boss was a man who hid behind a facade of bluster and threats, but he would crack easily under pressure. This could be seen when he threatened Sonny Corleone and Aldo Trapani when at a safe distance, but began begging for his life when they cornered him.

Behind the scenes

His fate can be determined by the player, though it has no bearing on the story. But if the player kills him, a Cuneo mobster may spawn and attack Aldo.

His first line is provided by Ralph Peduto, but the rest of his lines are provided by Bruce Robertson (although if you talk to him after he says the line "You're not as cold blooded as the rest, I can see that" he uses rival mobster lines provided by Gavin Hammon). He shares a character model with Squeegie McNeese, Mario DeBellis, and the mob couriers.

If targeted, he will show 2 bars above his health bar, which is the rank of Soldier.

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