Cuneo Compound
Business information
Location 50th Street and 10th Avenue
Proprietor Carmine Cuneo
Racket Boss Carmine Cuneo
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Cuneo family

The Cuneo Compound (also known as The Fo​rtress) was built by the same company who built the Stracci Compound in New Jersey, and they could be seen to physically resemble each other. However, the Cuneo Compound was known to be considerably better defended, with a quick escape route to the railway tracks where they held several secret shipments. It also helped them begin an operation down the raillines in Kansas City.

In 1954, the compound came under attack from the Corleone family, who later managed to secure it as a safe house, crippling the Cuneo family power inside the city. At this time, it was known to be undergoing a remodelling and a third building and garden were added to the compound by 1955.

Conquering the compoundEdit

A very smart tactic to destroy the Compounds is by bribing the police to be on your side, as the police station is located very close to the Cuneo Compounds. The police may help the player with Cuneos in the entrance to the compounds, going as far as to even go into the compound with the player, however the player should be careful after bombing the compound, as his police heat will instantly rise and the police will start shooting at him. But, if a Cuneo mobster shoots a police officer in the knee, the player will be able to bribe them (if not bribed already) and they will be on the player's side again. This tactic only works on the upgraded versions of the game, as on the original one the police doesn't fight for the player when bribed, they merely ignore a crime he makes.

History: Edit

Nestled above the railway tracks at the north end of Hell's Kitchen is the Cuneo Compound. With only one short, and exceptionally well defended, road leading to and from the two buildings, this is the most difficult compound to take down, aside from Barzini's fortress.

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