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"I'm gonna kill you... and then I'm gonna look for your family. Now tell me, who's supplying the joint?"
"The warehouse... it's run by Cuneo... that's all I know I swear.
Aldo Trapani and the Cuneo Capo[src]

This man was a caporegime in the Cuneo crime family.


A close friend and associate of Marco Cuneo he was formerly a Cuneo soldier working Under Ronnie Tosca, this Capo was a part of the Cuneo racket chain, in charge of business at the Caruso! club. For security purposes, he was kept largely in the dark about the business he was running.

Sonny's war

In 1948, after the Cuneos killed several Corleones, Sonny Corleone began a brutal campaign against their family, attacking Caruso! with the intent of burning it to the ground. He learned from the Capo that they were being supplied by 'the warehouse', but the man knew little else. Before the building could be destroyed, the racket boss escaped and the Corleones left in hot pursuit. 

It is not known what happened to him after this.

Behind the scenes

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