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"My name is Sergeant Ferriera, I have some business that needs taking care of. You'll be paid for the work of course, are you interested?"
―J. Chris Ferriera[src]

Chris Ferriera was a corrupt Police sergant who was tried numerous times for manslaughter and police brutality and he was working for Mark McCluskey.


After the murder of Bruno Tattaglia by Aldo Trapani, Ferriera approached Trapani in the hopes of having him eliminate several O'Donnell associates that were attempting to gain a foothold in New York, namely their don, Patrick O'Donnell and the their made members are Scaleri brothers. He also had Trapani eliminate two men who were attempting to build a brutality case against him, Judge Tyrone Bloom and Ronaldo Manning.


However, Ferriera would eventually betray him. Trapani was instructed to bring in the corpse of Polish crime lord Josef Niekrasz and split the bounty with Ferriera, who set him up for an ambush at the Holland Tunnel Plaza, sending a messenger to deliver a final taunt. In revenge, Ferriera was dragged out into the street outside the Little Italy police station and executed by Aldo Trapani in front of many witnesses.

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