Carmine Barzini was a godson and relative of Emilio Barzini.


Carmine carried enough weight within the New York underworld that the fear of his reprisal was one of the reasons for Vito Corleone to spare Emilio Barzini during the war with Giuseppe Mariposa in 1934.

In the video games

In The Godfather: The Game there is a Carmine Barzini that is Emilio Barzini's cousin who protects The Colonial Club. During the 1950s, Carmine was forced to give up his racket to the Corleones.

Behind the scenes

  • He is voiced by Callum Grant in The Godfather: The Game.
  • Carmine Barzini is mentioned in The Family Corleone while there is a character with the same name that exists in The Godfather: The Game. However, because there is no connection between the novel and the video game it is believed that they are two different characters.
  • In The Godfather: The Game he has the same character model as Wiggles Normann.
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