Bruno was one of Cross De Lena's most trusted friends, who turned out to be a traitor.


A young Clericuzio soldati that was one of Cross's best friends, he followed him around everywhere he went, and he became Cross's personal bodyguard. He and Cross trusted each other, and always had each other's backs. He was among the few people who knew about Dante Clericuzio's death, and he kept it a secret. However, after Cross went to France to live with his wife Athena Aquitane, he started to grow increasingly lonely. Whenever out of pure greed, or thirst for power, he teamed up with Clericuzio Caporegime, Billy De Angelo, and they started to plan their takeover of the family.

After the deaths of Underboss Petie Clericuzio, and Athena, Cross returned to the family business, although he was plotting against him, Bruno was happy to see him back, and he started following him everywhere again. He also fancied Josie Cirolia, a young woman that was looking after Athena's autistic child, Bethany. However, after the death of Frank Lampone, one of De Angelo's friends, Clericuzio hitman Lia Vazzi found out about his plans and told them to to Cross. A few days later, Giorgio and Cross were planning out De Angelo's execution. Josie overheard what they were talking about. Bruno overheard this, and started interrogating her, only to be stopped by Cross. Bruno was later taken to a bay in Long Island, where he was put in a barrel, and was thrown into the ocean.


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