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Boz Skannet was the first husband of Athena Aquitane and the father of Bethany.


Boz was the son of an accomplished politician, which allowed him to misbehave without much fear of the consequences, as his father would be able to cover things up. During his teenage years, Boz was a football star at high school. It was here that he fell in love with Athena Aquitane, when she was seventeen years old. Eventually, Boz married her and the two eventually had a child, Bethany, who was born with severe autism. This caused some difficulty in their relationship and Boz began to behave cruelly towards Athena, even dropping Bethany on purpose, until the two separated, with Bethany being sent to a special clinic under the care of Dr. Gerard. At this time, Boz worked as a banker, a job he retained until his death.


Boz makes his vow to ruin Athena.

Shortly before Athena was due to begin work on Messalina, Boz made a reappearance in her life, throwing a bottle of water in her face at an awards ceremony and claiming that next time it would be acid. Athena withdrew from the picture, and despite attempts by Detectives Jim Losey and Andrew Pollard to keep Skannet away, he was determined to ruin Athena's career, refusing to even accept fifty thousand dollars to leave town.


Eventually, Claudia De Lena, the writer of Messalina, called her brother Cross in to get rid of Skannet. When he would not listen to reason, De Lena wrote a false suicide note, before having Clericuzio hitman Lia Vazzi arrange for a fatal car accident in which Skannet was decapitated.

Behind the scenes

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