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Bowery Gang Leader
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1920
Died 1945 (Determinant in later editions)
Affiliation Bowery Gang
Title(s) Boss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Unknown (voice)
"I'm the leader of this gang, and you get what I say you get!"
―Bowery Gang Leader[src]

This man was the founder and leader of the Bowery Gang that Aldo Trapani joined in the forties.


Nothing is known about his earlier life, but at some point he founded the Bowery Gang in New York, who were involved in minor crimes like robbery.

Of Irish-American descent, he gives orders to all the gang members, though apparently his gang was very small. He has a greater physical strength, and slightly greater intelligence than other members.

Whilst beating Aldo Trapani for daring to debate his cut in their latest heist, he told his underlings to rob any money he has. Aldo was rescued by Luca Brasi who bashed the gang leader's head with a tire iron.

Brasi then left Stefano Gambaro and another member at the mercy of Trapani, who beat them to death. The gang was thus disbanded.

In the Blackhand and Don's Edition, there is a fourth member who runs away after spotting Luca and can be killed when he retuns with a Tattaglia soldato in a car.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the original version of the game, the leader is killed by Brasi's tire iron. However in the Blackhand and Don's Edition, he is knocked out along with his cohorts and must be finished off by Trapani. In the Xbox 360 edition he is killed by Luca as in the original game.
  • Most fans pretend his real name to be either Alberto Luciano or Nathan Healy.
  • The gang leader is never named in the original edition. The Blackhand and Don's edition can however denote him by a different name in each playthrough.
    • The names used for him in the Blackhand and Don's edition are - "Angelo Pisano", "Mike Brody" and "Ian Carney".
  • You do not need to kill the leader in the Blackhand and Don's edition if you throw Stefano Gambaro from the rooftop.
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