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This group was a small gang of hoodlums operating out of Little Italy, Manhattan in 1945.


The gang was formed by an Irish-American man and used to operate out of the neighborhood of Bowery in New York City, being very small in size.

The gang used to commit minor crimes like robbery and at some point was joined by Aldo Trapani. After a heist, Aldo demanded a share of the loot which led them to beating him up in a secluded spot.

The gang was disbanded after Luca Brasi interrupted the beatdown and bashed the head of its leader, with Aldo proceeding to kill two of the gang members.

Xbox 360 edition

The gang has four members present during Aldo's beatdown in the Xbox 360 version. The fourth runs away upon seeing Luca. He later returns along with a Tattaglia soldato, hinting a conncection of the gang with the mafia family and can be killed, while Luca shoots the Tattaglia member dead.

Members (Known)



  • The third Bowery gang member's name differs during each playthrough in all editions of The Godfather: The Game.
  • Similarly, you can also beat up the gang leader except in the original edition, his name differs in every playthrough. You don't need to kill him if you throw Gambaro and the other thug from the rooftop.
  • A fourth member appears only in the Xbox 360 version.
  • The place where the gang beats up Aldo is different in the original edition and the subsequent ones.
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