"Look at me. Why would I need more money? Not a building goes up in Philadelphia without my okay."

Borgetto was the Don of the Borgetto crime family.


Borgetto operated out of Philadelphia, and had particular sway over the construction rackets. His wife was a Neapolitan, which caused suspicion some of the other Dons, whilst his son Paulie was a teacher and had never been involved in the family business.

After the assassination of Petie Clericuzio and the murder of Athena Aquitane, he was suspected by many, including Billy De Angelo, to be responsible. At a meeting held by Athena's widower Croccifixio Clericuzio, Borgetto suggested that the Cubans may have been involved due to their dissatisfaction in handling drug money, something which he professed to agree with. When this belief was called into question, he was deeply insulted.

When his beloved son Paulie was murdered out of suspicion of Borgetto's involved in the murders of Athena, Petie and later Don Rossario, Borgetto went to the Clericuzio home, informing Cross that he was giving up all of his enterprises and moving back to his villa in Sicily, and requested that Cross settle his affairs with the other families.

Personality and traits

"I have seen so many people die stupid deaths, for what? Shot down in the street... I don't want to die like a criminal, I owe that to my son."

Known to take insults to his family or beliefs very personally, Borgetto grew angry at the meeting of the Dons when it was suggested the marble he traded from Sicily was used to transport narcotics. He had a softer side, and adored his only son Paulie, who was in a legitimate trade as a teacher and who piously lit a candle for his mother every time he went to church. When Paulie died, Borgetto was left distraught, giving up all of his family enterprises so that he would not die as a criminal. Rather than rage at Cross for his organising of the hit on Paulie, he assured him that his family were never intending to move against the Clericuzios.

Behind the scenes

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