"What the hell, give it here. I'll probably be dead in a month anyway."
―Bobby Baretta[src]

Bobby 'Bling Bling' Baretta was an associate of the Cuneo family, as well as one of their three highest ranking racket bosses.


Originally a legitimate businessman, Bobby became indebted to the Cuneo family after they got him out of a tight spot with the gambling shylocks in the early forties. He earned their trust, as well as management of the Lipari Warehouse, tucked away from prying eyes and supporting the Cuneo Hub up in Hell's Kitchen. As he came from a long line of American industrialists, Baretta could not be 'made', in a traditional sense, which was something that caused him ridicule by many of the Cuneo underlings.

In the aftermath of the Five Families War, Bobby found himself under attack from the Corleone family, who bought him out for a sizable fee.

Behind the scenes

He was voiced by Serge Houde.


  • When payout is lost Bobby will pull out a pistol to defend himself and say "I'm sending your soul to the Devil!". Do not go over 17,500$ or this will happen.
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