Bobbie Cappalinni
Biographical Information
Aliases Big Time Bobby
Gender Male
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Damian King (voice)
"You got it mac, I'll make sure you'll get your cut."
Bobbie Cappalinni[src]

"Big Time" Bobbie Cappalinni was an associate of the Cuneo family.


Bobbie Cappalinni was at the bottom of the Cuneo family's cigar racket, who ran his operation from Alberto's East Side grocery, Primola. The racket ran smoothly, unnoticed by the other families, yet almost forgotten by the Cuneos themselves, leading Cappalini to become disheartened and put little effort into the business, being seen by many as being out of his depth.

In 1945, Primola was finally discovered by the Corleone family, and Cappalinni began to pay his cut to them instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was voiced by Damian King.



The "false" Cappalinni.

In the strategy guide, Cappalinni is represented with an incorrect image which instead shows one of his workers.

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