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This man was caporegime of Barzini family. In 1936 he, along with Pietro Testa was tasked murdering Corleone Soldato Johnny Trapani.


Murder of Johnny Trapani

In early 1936, the Capo and Pietro Testa blew up Johnny Trapani's bakery in Little Italy. In the ensuing chaos, a group of Barzini hitmen grabbed Corleone Soldato Johnny Trapani and dragged him into the alley. Despite being outnumbered, Trapani managed to fend them off but was cornered upon exiting the alley by two capo and their don Emilio Barzini, Sr. himself. Trapani was mown down in a hail of bullets from Testa and the Capo, but his son Aldo would grow up and wipe out the entire Barzini family.


Capo was seen again in "Order to Kill" and was murdered by Marty Malone or Aldo Trapani. The killer of this capo is determinant with only two choices as said before: Marty or Aldo.


  • He shares the same character model as generic Barzinis of associate rank.
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