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Baptism of Fire
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: August, 1955
Place: New York City
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Five Families


Numerous bodyguards



13 mafiosi killed
2 non-mafiosi killed

The Baptism of Fire was the final act in the Five Families War, which saw a complete victory for the Corleone family.


After a sit-down in 1946, Vito Corleone vowed that he would not avenge the death of his son, Sonny, to provide an end to the bitter war.

However, his son Michael, who had just returned from Sicily, took the burden upon himself to eliminate the rival families, without breaking Vito's vow.


Michael, as an alibi, stood godfather to Michael Rizzi, his sister Connie's son. As he read out the vows, the murders took place.

Victor Stracci

Victor was on his way to a meeting, when he was shot down in an elevator along with his bodyguard by Peter Clemenza.

Moe Greene

Moe was enjoying his time being massaged in a massage parlour in Las Vegas, until he was shot in the eye by a hitman of the Corleone family, reportably Al Neri.

Carmine Cuneo

Around the same time, Carmine Cuneo was at an hotel. Cuneo was unaware that Corleone soldier Willie Cicci had infiltrated the hotel, and trapped Cuneo in the revolving door, before shooting him four times.

Philip Tattaglia

Unlike the other Dons, Tattaglia was less concerned with matters of business, and was enjoying time with a hooker in a bungalow off Sunrise Highway, Long Island, when he (and the prostitute he was cavorting with) was gunned down by Rocco Lampone and another hitman.

Emilio Barzini

Barzini had arranged to ambush and kill Michael Corleone through his caporegime Salvatore Tessio, but Michael had long anticipated such a move. Barzini had just returned from the Foley Square Courthouse, and was making his way down the steps, before he was assassinated by Al Neri, who was disguised as a policeman.


During that same twenty-four-hour period several other murders took place, Salvatore Tessio was killed for his betrayal by Corleone button men. Afterward, Carlo Rizzi was garroted by Peter Clemenza at the Corleone mall. Two of the highest-ranking Barzini family enforcers were shot to death in a restaurant in Mulberry Street. A fixer of trotting races was killed outside his home. Two of the biggest shylocks on the waterfront disappeared, only to be found months later in the New Jersey swamps. Also, Fabrizio was shot in the face at a pizzeria in Buffalo.

Behind the scenes

In the novel, only Emilio Barzini and Philip Tattaglia where ordered to be executed, along with Moe Greene to expand into Las Vegas.

The filming location for the barbershop, the revolving doors, and Clemenza's walk up the stairs was the St. Regis Hotel. Moe Greene's massage was filmed in the McBurney YMCA, West 23d Street, Manhattan. Barzini's assassination was filmed at the New York County Supreme Court building on Centre Street, Manhattan.[1]

In the video game, Aldo Trapani has a hand in all of the murders, including that of Moe Greene, which takes place in the previous mission, Royal Flush.



The Baptism Murders - The Godfather (8 9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

The Baptism Murders - The Godfather (8 9) Movie CLIP (1972) HD

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