"The Pope's doing exactly what you said he'd do, he's cleaning house."
"He should be careful. It's dangerous to be an honest man.
―B.J. Harrison and Michael Corleone[src]

B.J. Harrison was Michael Corleone's chief financial advisor and attorney.


B.J. Harrison in Sicily with Dominic Abbandando.

B.J. Harrison was the Corleone family's legal and financial advisor, who took over the role from Tom Hagen in the 1970s. However, he never officially achieved the role of consigliere, as he did not have a Sicilian background, nor the family connection of Tom Hagen. Despite this he is privy to a lot of the Corleone's familiy's remaining illicit business.

The Immobiliare deal

"We had an agreement! This meeting was to be merely a formality!"
―B.J. Harrison[src]

Harrison performed most of the negotiations with the owners of International Immobiliare, and was frustated by the sly Licio Lucchesi and the inept nature of Archbishop Gilday.

B.J. was present with Michael Corleone at the Teatro Massimo and witnessed the death of Mary Corleone on the steps and tried to comfort Michael alongside Tom Hagen's son Andrew and Dominic Abbandando.


Behind the scenes

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