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A small city in the U.S. state of New Jersey, Atlantic City became connected to the Five Families of New York City following the rise of entrepreneur Eugene De Luca.

The Stracci family had a strong presence in Atlantic City, as well as the Greco family from Philadelphia, which was located nearby. The Straccis controlled the linen services and the waste removal in Atlantic City, as well as the illegal casinos in the Jersey Palisades.

Atlantic City legalized gambling in 1976, making it the only other area of the country other than Las Vegas to have legalized gambing. The Corleone family also became involved in the city during this time, financing the construction of their hotel and casino, the Palazzo Azzurro.

In 1979, Michael Corleone called a meeting with the Commission in the penthouse of the Palazzo Azzurro, where he returned all of their shares in his various casinos. Shortly after, most of the Commmission was wiped out by Joey Zasa's hitmen in a daring helicopter raid, leaving only Michael, Don Altobello, and a few other Dons and associates alive.

In The Godfather: Five Families

Atlantic City artwork.

In The Godfather: Five Families, Atlantic City is an exclusive neighbourhood that can only be obtained after buying the Atlantic City deed. It is unique in that it is the only territory where you can buy the special Loan Shark unit.


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