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Queicon.png There are two conflicting canon sources for this article, from The Godfather (novel) and The Godfather Part II.

Antonio Andolini was the husband of Signora Andolini and the father of Vito and Paolo Andolini.


Antonio Andolini was born in the small village of Corleone in Sicily. As a young man, he had fought alongside Giuseppe Garibaldi during the liberation of Sicily. He was known to be a stubborn and proud man, who refused to buckle under pressure from higher powers, a trait that his son inherited. In 1901, Antonio refused to pay the local Mafia chieftain Don Ciccio for protection. When the Don had Antonio murdered for insulting him, Paolo swore revenge, but he too was killed at his father's funeral. Shortly after that, the Don came for Vito, fearing the boy would surely swear revenge as well. Desperate to save their last surviving son, Antonio's widow held the Don at knifepoint, buying time for Vito to escape before she was also killed. Eventually, an adult Vito did return to Corleone and avenge his family by personally killing the Don and all who participated in their murders.

Personality and traits

Antonio was known to be a stubborn, hot-headed, yet loving individual much like his grandson Santino. However it was these traits that got him killed, something that his son took note of and avoided during his own life.

Behind the scenes

In the novel, Andolini does not refuse a tribute to Don Ciccio (who isn't named), but actually kills him in a public struggle before being killed the following day by the chieftain's guards, wielding luparas.