"Jokes are wasted on you my friend."
Anthony Molinari[src]

Anthony "Tony" Molinari was the Don of the San Francisco crime family and a longtime ally of the Corleone family.


Anthony Molinari was the eldest of three brothers, the others being Nicodemo and Dino. One of the youngest Dons on the Commission, Molinari was closely affiliated with neighbouring Don Frank Falcone from Los Angeles, and the two became friends as a matter of convenience. He operated off the waterfronts of San Francisco and was also known to smuggle dope across the Mexican border. Molinari was also known for the pride he took in sea food restaurant in San Francisco, which lost him a great deal of money after he charged too good prices for the value of the food. Molinari was a friend and ally of Vito Corleone and was one of his guests at the wedding of his daughter Connie.

Role in the war

During the Five Families war in the mid 1940s, Molinari supported the Corleone family, even taking in Don Corleone's son Fredo into his protection and helping him learn the casino business. This move was taken on by Moe Greene, who enjoyed the extra financing it gave him. Molinari had long been a good friend to Don Corleone, even being invited to his daughter Connie's wedding.


However, despite this generosity, Molinari was killed during a plane crash that had been sabotaged by Michael Corleone, as he began to suspect Michael's actions concerning the move to Nevada and the deaths of the rival New York dons that had happen simultaneously. He had been returning from a meeting with Vincent Forlenza at his fortress in Lake Erie, and as such, Forlenza received much of the blame for the accident, which also claimed the lives of Frank Falcone and his enforcer Richard Aspromonte, as well as Molinari's bodyguard Lefty Mancuso. He was succeeded by Nicodemo, his younger brother.[2]

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