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"I help the Corleone family with awkward situations, but I could use some assistance - you interested?"
―Angelo Granelli[src]

Angelo "The Trojan" Granelli was an old fashioned and trusted soldato of the Corleone family under Peter Clemenza who was known to be a master planner, often plotting to bring down entire families, assigning hits from the Holy Cross Church in Hell's Kitchen. He was known for his hatred of the Stracci Family after the death of his sister and also for his cunning, tactical nature.

The Stracci plot

In 1946, he and Aldo Trapani conspired to eliminate the Stracci family by destroying their explosives racket chain. It also gave Granelli the excuse to wipe out an old enemy, Stracci caporegime Oscar Zavarelle, who had assaulted his sister. He specifically gave orders for Zavarelle to be put in as much pain as possible. The plot also wiped out the entreuprenerial Leon Grossi and the family consigliere Jack Fontana. His ruthlessness in the Stracci killings and his constant siege against their Hell's Kitchen businesses.

Granelli had planned to assist Trapani in the killing of the Stracci underboss, Salvatore Stracci, but he was called away to other appointments involving his part in the secret regime started by Michael Corleone and run by Rocco Lampone. His long service and loyalty to the Corleone's earned him the respect of Michael and Rocco, who he grew to admire.

After the death of Salvatore in 1947, Granelli reluctantly ceased his war against the Stracci family and focused on other goals instead, some involving the narcotics trade that the secret regime was partially involved in. He may have joined the family led by Aldo Trapani in New York and was one of his key member in the drug trafficking in New Jersey before having been arrested by the authorities for drugs trading.

He was still active in the family by the late 1950's.

Personality and traits

Angelo Granelli became known as a man of business, who rarely got his own hands dirty, unless it was a personal matter or involved a greater target.

Extremely cunning and manipulative, he used Aldo Trapani to unleash his anger against the Stracci's, who he considered little better than animals in suits.

In the film

  • An Angelo Granelli character appears in the Corleone Family tree in The Godfather Part II. Its is believed that the character in the video game is the exact same person. The person in the film also bears a resemblance to one of the Corleone hitmen who accompanied Rocco Lampone during the killing of Philip Tattaglia. However, Granelli's role in the films would have probably been much more minor than it is on the video game. He also gives orders to Aldo Trapani in the game, even though he is only a soldier, just like Aldo.

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