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Andrew Hagen
Andrew Hagen
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1942[1]
Affiliation Holy See
Corleone family
Title(s) Father (priest)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by John Savage

Andrew Hagen was the eldest son of Tom and Theresa Hagen and the brother of Frank and Gianna. He was also the adoptive nephew and godson of Michael Corleone.


Andrew Hagen grew up in New York and was present at the wedding of his aunt Connie to Carlo Rizzi. From a young age, he was deeply introspective, yet also a keen player of sports, later playing on the Fighting Irish football team at Notre Dame University.

He was ordained as a Catholic priest shortly after his father's death. He and his mother attended family events such as the after party after Michael Corleone is given Order of Saint Sebastian. Several years later he was transferred to the Vatican as a favor to Michael Corleone from Archbishop Gilday. He also attends the opera debut of his cousin Anthony, although the event is overshadowed by the murder of his cousin Mary. Andrew appears shocked by the events and prays. Afterwards he attempts to comfort his uncle Michael, to limited effect.