The Alioto crime family was a West Coast family which founded by Luciano Alioto in 1920s later moved to New York in 1940 The Aliotos were known to have strong ties with the Stracci family and the Falcone family close to their territories in the West Coast. Their crest is Orange colured shield with capital letter "A".

They co-owned the Hotel Alioto, Their main HQ in New York, which was usually used for peace talks and sit-downs. Emilio Alioto led some businesses of the Alioto family and a little team of soldati as capo. Don Alioto was an opportunist who attempted to make a move into New York in 1939 with the aid of Victor Stracci, but they were foiled by Don Vito Corleone, who sent Luca Brasi to assassinate Don Alioto. The Aliotos then sued for peace and ceased all hostile actions. But after the Corleone family left for Nevada, they regained a small toehold in New Jersey with the Stracci's help, who were in disarray after losing Victor Stracci, who led the family for many years.


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