Alejandro Almeida was a soldier in the Almeida family in Havana and blood brother of Pablo Benitez de Lugo, Alejandro is a member of Castro's Government in Cuba and is also the highest ranking communist leader and most dangerious political agitator in Miami.


Alejandro Almeida fought alongside his younger cousins Esteban and Ramon during the Cuban revolution and Alejandro is assistant of Jaime Fesser in Jaime's regime. He often represented his cousin Esteban at meetings, such as Hyman Roth's birthday party in 1958.

When Fidel Castro took power, Almeida gained an important position in the new power structure, as well as that of a soldier in the newly legitimised Almeida family. In America, he was widely known as a trouble maker who spread hated Communist ideas and propaganda.

"A political agitator with criminal ties to Cuba; was his death covered up?"

Final strike

In the Spring of 1959, Alejandro arranged a strike at the Miami International Airport. This was to prove his undoing, as Dominic Corleone, working for Roth and his CIA associate Henry Mitchell, broke up the strike by executing him in his junkyard hideout, after having discovered his location by interrogating Almeida's strike leader Perry Olsen. Almeida was thrown from a balcony to his death after start a vicious firefight.

Behind the scenes

  • He was voiced by Vic Polizos.
  • Alejandro appears on the Almeida family's chart, but as the chart doesn't appear until after Alejandro has been killed, his portrait is always bloody.
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