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Albert "Al" Hats was a longtime member of Peter Clemenza's regime.


Al Hats was a soldier in the Tessio regime of the Corleone family, working with colleagues Jimmy Mancini and Richie Gatto.

Hats was not at the parade when Richie Gatto was killed and Vito Corleone was wounded by a gang of Irishmen, Hats was ordered to take Fredo home because Fredo was feeling sick. Clemenza had Hats and Mancini collect Corr Gibson to death.


Unclear what happened to Hats following the olive oil wars it can be presumed he was killed by the Corleone hit squad including Willie Cicci, Al Neri and Rocco Lampone after Tessio's treachery was revealed. Tessio's treacherous men were executed in his social club Two Toms.


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